Trucks, commonly referred to as trucks or trucks, include dump trucks, tractor trucks, off-road and roadless off-road trucks, and various vehicles built specifically for special needs. Refers to a car that is mainly used to transport goods, and sometimes also refers to a car that can tow other vehicles. It belongs to the category of commercial vehicles. Generally, it can be divided into heavy and light according to the weight of the car. Most trucks are powered by diesel engines, but some light trucks use gasoline, LPG or natural gas.

Large trucks refer to heavy and medium trucks. The length of the heavy truck is greater than or equal to 6m, and the total mass is greater than or equal to 12000kg. The length of the medium truck is greater than or equal to 6m, and the total mass is greater than or equal to 4500kg and less than 12000kg. According to the "motor vehicle specification terminology" truck load classification can be divided into four categories, namely heavy, medium, light, micro.

The car rental industry is known as the transportation service bank. Because it does not need to apply for insurance, does not need annual inspection and maintenance, and the model can be replaced at will, it uses car rental instead of car purchase to control the cost of the enterprise. This management method, which is very popular in foreign enterprises, is slowly being favored by domestic enterprises, institutions and individual users. Car leasing refers to the separation of the right to use the assets of the car from the ownership, the lessor has the ownership of the assets, the lessee has the right to use the assets, the lessor and the lessee sign a lease contract, in exchange for the right to use a form of transaction.

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